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When speed, consistency, one touch operation and reliability are important, we have the best... Thermoplan!  Thermoplan builds the Starbucks Coffee Mastrena Espresso

machine used in the thousands of retail locations worldwide. Need we say more?

Super Automatic Machines

​(The "Innovations" Part of Coffee Innovations)

We have sold Carimali machines since 1982 and consider them to be one of the

most feature full and reliable Traditional Italian espresso machines available.

The fact that Carimali machines are very affordable is a bonus!  

IPM Coffee Tip:

Super-automatics slash the cost of labor as long as they are working!

Buy the most reliable machine with a local service company.

Traditional Espresso Machines


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IPM Coffee Tip:

We recommend using espresso pods and automatic milk frothers

to get the speed, ease of use and consistency of a super automatic

with the lower cost of a traditional machine.

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​Since 1982